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HSC Design & Tech – cont.

Zachary Telford

Create an easy and efficient storage solution for parallel clamps, to address an untidy space in the workshop.

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Jai Dawson-Hopcraft

Maximise the efficiency and functionality of the school’s workshop.

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Warner Parsons

Develop an aesthetic enclosure for a ‘Watermaid’ solar controller product, to fit required mechanisms and electronics.


Kayhan De Wet  

Design a fitness product which allows bodyweight training to realise new options and potential for functional strength training.

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Oliver Dodd

Design a space saving, lightweight, collapsible circular camping table that will seat four people – that is both strong and weather resistant. 

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Bowen Tonkes

Design a necklace that looks ‘cool’; urban and street wear [inspired].



Chris Begg

Provide a solution for proper and efficient use of welding practices and techniques.

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Jakob Preston

Design a box that is fireproof so in the event of a bushfire or a housefire important documents or small items won’t be destroyed, inspired by the summer of bushfires.

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