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HSC Drama – continued

Charlotte Raspass – What’s Left Behind

For the HSC Video Drama Individual Project, students are required to write, film and edit an original story of 5-7 minutes in length demonstrating a strong vision, clearly communicated storyline and effective editing.

View Charlotte’s created story of a man dealing with grief at losing someone important in his life.

*Subject matter contains grief themes, parental guidance is advised.

Emma Hancock – The Visit

For the HSC Costume Design Individual Project students are required to read and interpret a play, design the costumes for all of the characters in the play, and produce beautiful renderings of the main characters.

Emma’s chosen Play “The Visit”, by Swiss dramaturgist Friedrich Dürrenmatt, is the story of ‘Clare’, who returns to her home village after becoming a multi-millionaire, using her money to seek revenge on a former lover who scorned her.

View photos in gallery below…

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