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HSC Drama

HSC Drama Highlights


Enjoy highlights of our HSC Drama Performances.

These performances are restricted to parent and guardian viewing due to copyright. Please ensure you have logged into the Parent Portal to access these videos (only required once per session).

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The HSC Drama Performances were of a very high standard. Two of our NBCS Individual Drama Performances were nominated for OnSTAGE. Congratulations to Ellie Carragher for her Rose’s Turn performance and Lily Andrews for her Fingerprints performance.

OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of performances and projects by HSC Drama students who have been deemed exemplary.

Whilst age appropriate ratings prevent the showcase of Lily Andrews’ full performance, Ellie Carragher’s performance can be enjoyed by the NBCS current community.


OnSTAGE nomination: Ellie Carragher – Rose’s Turn

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OnSTAGE nomination: Lily Andrews – Fingerprints

Charlie Aslett – I’m Sorry

Charlotte Winston-Booth – Thelma and Louise

Tia Robertson – Pretty

Ross Thomson – Just a Car

Lachlan Masters – I’m Not Getting Married Today

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