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Performing Arts at NBCS

A vibrant foundation for learning

Performing Arts at NBCS provides a positive, powerful foundation for learning and brings our community together.

Music, drama, dance and the annual Musical are opportunities for students to enjoy creative expression and build confidence while also increasing self-regulation, discipline and empathy as well as teamwork and collaboration skills. NBCS offers a wide array of opportunities in the performing arts from Primary to Secondary, in class and co-curricular.


NBCS is known for its excellence in music education and outstanding music co-curricular opportunities.

Music is part of the Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 8, with elective music subjects from Years 9 to 12. Our Primary Instrumental Program sees all children learning cello or violin in Years 1 and 2 and expanding to woodwind and brass options in Years 3 and 4.

We take a holistic approach, bringing together learning within class time and co-curricular opportunities. Students may join a variety of bands and ensembles, and have a diverse range of performance opportunities.

Our music lessons provide the opportunities of a fully equipped music studio, and support student interest across all styles of music. Students are empowered to participate in and take ownership of the whole music process – from learning an instrument, to writing music, performing and production.


Students may join co-curricular musical ensembles and vocal groups


Our premier concert band for advanced woodwind, brass and percussion players


For students from Year 3 with at least 1 year’s playing experience


Several groups for students who sing or play drums, bass guitar, electric guitar or keys


A range of groups for Primary and Secondary singing a variety of musical styles


For violin, viola and cello players who are comfortable reading music


For more advanced strings players ready to challenge themselves

Performance Opportunities

School Events, PERFORMANCES and Recital Nights

Bands and ensembles regularly perform at school for lunch time performances, special events, assemblies and recitals.

Competitions, Eisteddfods AND Public Venues

Bands and ensembles may take part in local eisteddfods and competitions, including the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod.

Music Camps, Workshop Days and Music-focused Tours

These provide focused opportunities for students to work on their musicianship and develop as individuals and ensembles.

Annual Musical

Experience the benefits of collaboration and the joy of a major performance every year.

NBCS has a proud tradition of producing professional-quality shows in our state-of-the-art performance space, the Marina Prior Centre. Each year, students can participate in a fully produced Broadway Musical, under the guidance of an industry professional actor and choreographer, and an outstanding and experienced creative team.

The Musical is a highlight for many students, whether they participate as performers, technicians, costume designers, choreographers, or musicians. Through their experience in Performing Arts at NBCS, many students have been accepted into highly competitive performing arts courses in universities across Australia, and gone on to work professionally in the entertainment industry.

Drama and Theatresports

Developing creativity and confidence through stagecraft and performance.

Drama develops creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. It is valuable for students hoping to pursue careers in media, entertainment, education or the arts, as well as youth and children’s work.

NBCS offers Drama through the school curriculum in Primary and as elective subjects in Years 9 to 12.
Primary Students have additional opportunities to participate in a co-curricular Drama Club.

Secondary students may join Secondary Drama Club, try out for the Schools Theatresports Challenge, and experience an in-depth Performing Arts program during Student Opportunity Week. Performances take place throughout the year.

Drama within the Curriculum

Students participate through Drama classes at various stages


Creative and Performing Arts taught by specialist teachers from K-6


Drama offered as an elective in Years 9 and 10


Drama offered for HSC in Years 11 and 12

Co-Curricular Drama

Opportunities to participate in drama clubs and activities out of class


Week-long Performing Arts program offered for Years 8 to 11 in Student Opportunity Week


Years 3-6 Drama Club run by Marian Street Theatre for Young people


Schools Theatresports Challenge Years 9 to 11


An exciting co-curricular program promoting teamwork and the love of movement.

Embark on a vibrant dance journey at NBCS. Our co-curricular recreational classes cater for all levels and teach jazz, hip hop and contemporary as well as musical theatre dance styles.

Two performance teams allow dancers from Years 6 to 12 to participate in dance competitions and eisteddfods throughout the year.

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