Primary at NBCS is a vibrant learning community, built on positive relationships, encouragement, and a challenging curriculum. Teachers and families work together to create an environment where children can thrive, learning is collaborative and student-led – providing authentic and relevant experiences that are also fun and engaging. Through Problem-Based Learning, students are provided with opportunities to be creative and curious, to think critically, to expand their capabilities, develop confidence, and become deeply engaged with their local and global communities.

Learning in Primary


Learning in Primary is structured in stages that align with the NSW BOSTES curriculum. In Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 (K, 1 & 2) a solid foundation is laid with skills and proficiency in literacy and numeracy as a significant focus. Stage 2 (3 & 4) further builds on this, growing students capacity for independent and inquiry learning. As the culmination of the Primary Years students in Stage 3 (5 & 6) are able to take the learning journey to the next step, where the integrated program provides authentic and rich content.

Personalised Learning

The teaching and learning in Primary integrates inquiry topics into a deeply personalised experience, providing a range of opportunities and tapping into the particular interests of a student. Tools and strategies, including Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, collaboration, expert input and the use of personal devices, enable this. PETE, the Primary online learning environment, provides a place for students and their families to access their learning activities.

Learning communities

Each Stage is a thriving learning community, students and teachers together. Effective collaboration is essential to this, and occurs throughout Primary. Teachers work with students to set individual targets and help make choices. Students work with their peers collaboratively on tasks and projects. Across each Stage, teaching teams collaboratively plan and develop ideas and strategies to enrich learning programs.

Care & Community


The Primary care management strategy seeks to grow strong and healthy relationships amongst students, teachers and families. Positive relationships lay a firm foundation for learning. The approach intentionally seeks to create an environment that fosters positive self-esteem, a sense of self-worth and respect.

Primary Values

Establishing shared values enables a culture of mutual respect and provides for a safe and supportive environment. The Primary “We agree” and “We value” statements which have been developed in collaboration with the students, provide a reference point for all within the Primary community.

A Network of Support

Student Care is a priority with a professional team approach to nurturing the whole child and providing support for each student. Critical to the support is partnering with parents and ensuring open communication.

Christianity in Action

An important part of life at NBCS is learning about the Christian faith in a way that is authentic and personal. Bible stories, discussions and activities present Christian life and values to students in a relevant context. Weekly CIA assemblies provide opportunities to gather as a community and make meaningful connections between faith and learning in Primary.

We loved the Zone. Our son had the best two years there.
— Nikki, parent

Primary Learning Spaces

Flexible learning spaces

Learning Spaces in Primary are designed to enable different ways of working. Each Stage has a variety of options for the way their space is configured, and is particularly mindful of the age of the students and the types of learning that occurs in the space. Desks and chairs sit alongside sofas, stools, beanbags and ottomans – all designed to move as needed.

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Bring Your Own Device

From Year 4 students at NBCS bring their own device to school, this is known as BYOD. School-owned devices are used in Kindergarten to Year 3. Students connect to the school’s wifi network which has been designed to provide school-wide access for students and staff.

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Digital Learning Space

The dedicated Primary online learning environment, PETE (Primary Education Through E-Learning), is the digital ‘learning space’ for students, with projects, activities, information and resources connected to each Stage’s learning programs.

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Student Opportunities


NBCS offers a program for music and workshops to enable students to develop skills, follow interests and nurture talents. The music program includes instrument tuition and school bands. Workshops are held after school offering classes in areas such as dance, cooking, acting and art.

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Leadership Development

Leadership is an important skill for life and Primary students from each Stage are able to participate in leadership opportunities. The Student Parliament, with representatives from each Year-level, discusses areas raised by their peers. In Year 6 the Primary Student Leadership Team offers a broad portfolio of roles, with focus areas including sport, creative arts, technology and citizenship.

Club program

Each week a range of lunchtime clubs are held. These informal sessions allow students to share their interests and strengthen friendships. Clubs include gardening, robotics, journalism, Minecraft, running, chess, handcrafts, movie-making and nursing home visits.


GO Program

As part of a K-12 school, Primary students are encouraged to learn about and get involved in the school-wide Global Opportunities (GO) Program at NBCS. Throughout the year, Primary Stage-based groups organise fundraising events to support the focus projects of the GO program, planning entrepreneurial business ventures and transforming them into products and ideas.

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NBCS seeks to provide a comprehensive and well-structured sports program offering intra-school and inter-school sport. In addition, there are also representative opportunities in a wide range of sports.

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Outdoor Education Camps

The Primary outdoor education program focuses on building and strengthening relationships, while developing skills, growing confidence and having fun. Students participate in challenge-based activities that encourage them to be creative and critical thinkers, and further develop their leadership and collaborative skills.

Enrol in Primary

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