Learning in Secondary

Embracing change

The NBCS vision for learning recognises that this is an age of unprecedented change. Schools today have the responsibility to prepare students to thrive by providing an environment for learning that is authentic and engaging. In this learning environment the individual interests and abilities of students are recognised, while providing choice and adapting to their learning styles, within a well-designed, and well-structured environment.


Secondary Learning Spaces

Teachers and students enjoy flexible learning spaces that support innovative teaching practice and embed elements of personalised learning. Spaces are designed to be mindful of the type of learning that takes place within them – providing an engaging context for students to create, to explore, and to solve problems. For example, the Music studio has been designed to emulate a professional recording studio, whilst the Mathematics spaces are designed to allow for visible learning and natural collaboration.

Care & Community


Strong relationships

A community’s strength is completely dependent on maintaining healthy relationships and providing guidance and support where reconciliation and repair are needed. The 'Student Growth Team supports this within the NBCS community, overseeing the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Services to students include, counselling, mediation and conflict resolution, and training in relational resilience.

Zero tolerance on bullying

Any matters relating to Bullying and Harassment are also handled by the 'Student Growth Team. The team shows procedural fairness when handling complaints and investigations and will partner with families to bring about appropriate resolutions. Our policies and procedures are built on the belief that every area of conflict is an opportunity for both home and school to strengthen relationships and teach important life skills to young people.

Student Teams

The Student team structure reinforces the foundation of pastoral care and relational approach. Each student is placed in a gender-based group within the Stage structure. A Student Team consists of 15 students from the two grades of the Stage. The Student Team Leader, who is the lead-teacher of the team, has the primary function of caring for the educational and pastoral needs of the students.  

A network of support

The NBCS 'Student Growth Team consists of Student Reception staff, a Pastoral Care Manager, two School Counsellors, a Senior Student Mentor and an Assistant Principal who heads the team. The first point of contact between home and school is the Student Team Leader, who will ensure that all matters are followed up by the appropriate person. Parents are encouraged to work closely with their child’s STL.

Christian Perspectives

Faith in action

NBCS is a non-denominational Christian school and it is our hope and desire that all students take up the opportunity to explore faith in Jesus Christ. All staff at NBCS are committed to the Christian faith and are actively involved in churches from different denominations. A Christian philosophy and approach will permeate all that we do.

A backdrop of faith

At NBCS, we understand that faith is an individual’s choice, and at school students are presented with the Christian message of hope. During Student Teams, Assemblies and specific classes such as Big Questions, faith will be discussed and challenged and Bible knowledge enhanced.

Christianity in curriculum 

Christian perspectives will appear in subjects that naturally facilitate such ideas and a Christian approach to life and relationships will permeate interactions.




NBCS has a “Bring Your Own Device” program for all of Secondary, with students required to have a laptop or tablet for use in class.

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Network and website

There is a solid wi-fi network across the campus. Secondary has a dedicated online learning environment called Learn, as well as a range of additional websites to supplement learning activities.

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Student Opportunities

Senior Student Leadership

NBCS places great value on leadership development. We have developed a leadership program from 7-12 that offers increased levels of responsibility for students. Stage 6 leaders have a highly visible role both inside and outside of the school. The Executive Student Leadership Team includes the School Captains, Vice Captain, School Ambassadors and Student Chaplains. Their role is to act as representatives of NBCS and to oversee other student leaders in their various roles.

Leadership Development

Opportunities for leadership development occur throughout the Secondary years. In Stage 4, there is a weekly program that covers the fundamentals of what it takes to be a leader, and begins to explore how this knowledge can be applied within a school context. In Stage 5, students are involved in leadership roles for various activities around the school, including fundraisers and assisting with the Primary lunchtime club program.

Student Media Team

The Media Team produces videos and photographs of events at NBCS. The team is made up of students from across Secondary and includes a student executive structure using an online tool for project management and communication. Mentoring forms a large part of the function of the Media Team - both with leaders and with new Media Team members.


The extra-curricular music, and workshop program offers after-school workshops and music performance groups and private tuition. This program enables students to develop skills and nurture their talents, whilst building relationship in a relaxed and engaging environment. Workshops include dance, cooking, acting and art.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, structured and well-rounded sports program. Students have representative opportunities in a broad range of sports, as well as aquiring skills, developing character, and a positive sense of school and team spirit.

Student Opportunity Week

Student Opportunity Week is the outdoor education program for Secondary students, and offers a fantastic range of interest-based camps and programs. Students are able to immerse themselves in their area of passion in order to build relationships, learn skills, and showcase achievements

GO Program

The Global Opportunities Program aims to building global bridges through community partnership, cultural understanding and shared learning. Our GO projects have involved sending teams of staff and students to Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda and Moree. GO teams work in a range of contexts, including running children’s programs, English literacy development, and professional development for local teachers.


NBCS has a proud tradition of producing professional-quality shows in our state-of-the-art performance space, the Marina Prior Centre. Students have the opportunity to participate in a large-scale production of a Broadway Musical, under the guidance of an outstanding and experienced creative team. Students may participate as performers, technicians, costume designers, choreographers, or musicians.


The Chaplaincy Program aims to support the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of students through activities such as lunchtime Bible studies, daily morning prayer groups and weekly Chapel services. Resources created by the Chaplaincy team are used weekly within the school’s pastoral care programs, encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours and enhancing students’ social and emotional competence.

Enrol in Secondary

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