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Secondary Highlights

About the Economy


“I loved learning about how to invest and what the safest way to invest is.”


“I loved how we could buy our shares like it was real as each price was based off the real life price.”


“I loved that it was very realistic and I learned a lot about investing which I can use in my future.”


Year 9 and 10 Commerce students competed in the ASX Schools Share market Game over 10 weeks. Students invested virtual money to the value of $50,000, choosing from 200+ stocks from on the Australian Stock Exchange. Working as a team, they developed knowledge of the sharemarket, learned how to research companies and gained a greater knowledge of economic and world events. During this unique time in history, this exercise taught our students about wise investments and about risks and rewards associated with the Australian Stock Exchange.

NBCS syndicates made a profit of 87% which outperformed the 17,011 international syndicates who had a profit of 71%. Well done to the Top 5 students – Jamie Griffiths, Toby Lynch, Ella Dark, Liam Godfrey and Sarah Palangio – who made a combined profit of $131,101.33 over the 10 weeks.

About Law

‘Mock Trial’ Competition


Selected Year 10 and Year 11 students finished Round 4 of the Mock Trial, in a gruelling 4 hour session. They did a fabulous job of representing the school and making it through this final round. Well done to Slade Ellis, Romina Castro, India Fletcher, Aryan Ilkhani, Jacob Murray, Sophia Laing and Callum Richardson!


About Faith

In Chapel Chat, Secondary students from Years 7-10 share their experiences in Chapel this year. Hear insights from Caitlin Abbott, Dawson Barnes, Emily Butts, Lola Epthorp, Keira George, Jackson Hawkins, Jacob Laforest, Poppy Sarsfield and Tyler Venter.

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