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Secondary Textiles

Year 11 Creations
From design inspirations to inspired creations – students incorporate sophisticated and interesting techniques resulting in stunning costumes.
Year 11 Design Inspirations & Progress
Abby Thomasson
Grecian inspired gown
India Newton
70’s inspired white lace 2-piece

Nathan Halward

Golden scales dress
Amy Fichtl
‘Swan Lake’ inspired newspaper tutu
Mila Horder
Spanish mardi gras and dancing costume
Isabel Carey
Natural-dyed flower Japanese kimono
Amelia Zani
60’s inspired Go Go leather dress
Ella Aivazian
Colours of autumn costume
Jaz Todd
Golden ‘sea side’ wire dress
Bethany Carey
70’s inspired recycled denim 2-piece
Bronte Winship
Newspaper cocktail dress
Year 9 Mask Making
Year 9 Textiles students unmask the project that kept our community safe whilst learning about larger scale production, and reducing waste.

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