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Design & Technology

Showcase 2021

Design & Technology Highlights

Our product designers have been using the design process to investigate and address needs by applying innovative
solutions and approaches. They have also learned important life skills in the process.


Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through each student’s gallery using the arrows.

Lyndon Frazer

To produce a customised rear bar to minimise injuries to passengers when a rear-ended accident occurs.

Cassidy Barry

To design a modernised cable management hub which offers the functions of wireless charging and retractable cables.

Dylan Charlier

To design a safe retracting adjustable sports hurdle that effectively works when knocked over.

Nicholas Binham

To design a new hinge mechanism for the lid of an esky, allowing users to keep items on the lid of the esky whilst opening it up to get something inside.

Clyde McGhee

A tabletop designed to incorporate technology hidden to the eye, minimising distraction while maximising space and efficiency, thus providing an effective workspace.

Tommy Smith

To design a ‘spotter arm’ that catches the weight of the barbell in case you fail a repetition while using the bench press. It acts as a safety net to prevent injuries from occurring.


Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through each student’s gallery using the arrows.

Cooper Lane

To design an Eco Smoker made from recycled materials found on a farm, including a catalytic converter, repurposed from a commodore, to reduce harmful emissions produced by the smoker.

Cameron Kotthoff

To design and recycle an upright piano into a sustainably made coffee table, reusing as much of the piano as possible. Incorporate multiple aspects and features that are not seen in the average coffee table.

Oscar Utzon

To design an innovative multipurpose  shelf that is organically shaped, ultimately improving the morphology of a room as it radiates a ‘natural’ essence whilst still maintaining its minimalism. Solving the needs of the design industry that remains filled with linear shelves that are built from a rigid design framework.

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Photographs of students and teachers were taken in accordance with COVID-19 regulations at the time.