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HSC Textiles

Showcase 2021

HSC Textiles Creations

From design inspirations to inspired creations, students learn and apply sophisticated techniques resulting in a fabulous eclectic collection. 


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Mila Horder

This statement ball-gown represents the development of shape and structure in women’s fashion, combining iconic styles across the decades to achieve a flattering and proportional feminine silhouette. Exquisite embroidery embellishments achieve depth and diversity in colour, texture and shape to capture the natural beauty of Australian native flora. French hemming, pleating, boning, tasselling, and french knot embroidery were used to create this contemporary garment.

Amy Fichtl

This sophisticated silk evening gown design, inspired by the Met Gala, is a modern interpretation of 90’s slip dress. Influenced by the tradition of Italian lacemaking, it has been constructed using inserts of hand embroidered lace to achieve an elegant result.

Nathan Halward

The design of this bellboy suit was inspired by a mix of traditional hotel bellhop suits, colourful runway suits and Japanese kimonos. It includes traditional Japanese sashiko stitch embroidery, racing stripe on trouser legs, double-breasted jacket front and stripes around the cuffs.


Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through each student’s gallery using the arrows.

Brontë Winship

Inspired by a combination of the puffed sleeve fashion of 19th Century England, traditional Ukrainian drawn thread-work, the importance of linen in Ancient Egypt, and hand smocking of western cultures, this semi formal outfit is designed for functions and events. It incorporates Honeycomb smocking and drawn thread embroidery.

Abby Thomasson

The design of this formal evening gown was inspired by the use of silk in, and colouring of, Chinese fabrics, as well as by the Ancient Egyptian use of golden embroidery. Beading on this garment is hand stitched.

Amelia Zani

Female empowerment is communicated through masculine aspects of this blazer. This is complemented by the feminine corset and bralette, inspired by the social and cultural shift brought about by the women’s rights movement occuring throughout the late 1950’s and 1960’s. The organza flowers have been hand-stitched for this formal garment.


Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through each student’s gallery using the arrows.

Jaz Todd

The design of this formal, versatile gown was inspired by corsets of the Victorian and contemporary eras, and by modern designers such as Dolche & Gabbana, and Ralph & Russo. Design techniques include Indian Kantha and Chikankari needlework, corsetry, and hand-dyeing the bustle to reflect embroidery colours, with the result of unifying the garment and creating a sense of harmony.

Bethany Carey

This sophisticated tailored suit design was inspired by historical, contemporary and cultural sources. Using design elements of haute couture runway designers including Balenciaga and Christian Dior, this suit incorporates imaginative features – embellished collars, versatile fabrics and modern peplums, incorporating trapunto quilting with embroidered paisley designs.

Ella Aivazian

This winter coat reflects concepts of power and feminine elegance, combining influences of the 1950’s Christian Dior ‘New Look’, the historical Puritan collar and the cultural celebration of Japanese cherry blossoms. Design techniques include french knot embroidery and transfer printed cherry blossom lining.


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Isabelle Carey

A stunning contemporary wall hanging, inspired by Australian coral and reef formations. Design techniques include hand embroidered stitching, felting, tapestry and weaving.

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