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Secondary Visual Arts

Showcase 2021

Year 11 Artworks

Year 11 use lockdown limitations to explore the conventions of artmaking practice; developing
concepts, bodies of work, new techniques and insights. 

Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through a selection from
each student’s art work, using the arrows.

Courtney Mavin

I want my audience to view my artwork as a warning: that if they do not recycle their paper and plastics, they will have fake bouquets.

Being in lockdown, I wanted to investigate materials I could use, as roses can come in all shapes and colours within nature. I used an old tissue box, newspapers and magazines, wire, hot glue, and string.

I also edited photos to show many iterations, and that work can be improved by computer modification.

Dawson Wang

My main aim was to raise awareness of artificially made food, hoping that the audience can understand issues that pervade our society, even in the very food we eat.  

Due to lockdown, I had to adapt and create from materials I had at hand. I have come to understand my art practice, being able to think creatively even within limitations e.g. COVID-19. 

Emily Butts

This lockdown time has really challenged my creative flow which I reflected in my artwork. The flower made from a droopy and unhealthy mask is an example. Struggling to express yourself and do what makes you happy is taking a toll, especially for the artists in our community. 

My challenges were based in the materials that I had access to. I have learnt about how texture can change the whole look and feel of an artwork and add character.  

Holly McDonald

The concept for my ‘onsite’ body of work was about how people interact with their surroundings. I experimented with different positions of the human form. 

My ‘remote’ work (collage) interprets relationships people have with their animals. I wanted the audience to relate to it, with personal experiences of animals in their own lives. Being remote, I had to really step out of my comfort zone and look at options [for materials]. 

William Bury

Contrasting man-made lego ‘minifigs’ with the natural environment highlights the damaging effect that humans have on that environment. Alongside is a message of hope and progress with Lego’s new environmentally friendly outlook.

Trash trumpet was the idea of mixing the materials that I had available with something familiar.

The wood lion represents the courage and trust that we all need throughout this time.

Emma Phillips

The dominant mood of the collection is being able to recognise that although we are different there are things that connect us all on a deeper level.  

The materials that I have used in my body of work are symbols selected to portray nature, and the uniqueness and connectedness of humanity. 

Through experimentation, I have come to understand that artmaking practice is non-linear. All of the ideas that I came up with were a process and steps towards my resolved artwork. 

Year 10 Artworks

Please click to enlarge images. We invite you to scroll through a selection from
each student’s art work, using the arrows.

Mia Viljoen

I want the audience to notice the beauty and the uniqueness of how humans express emotions through our facial features and expressions.

Michaela Siu

To evoke the concept of the complexities of emotion I have painted two portraits, both with the same facial expression of null emotion.

Sophie Hallett

My artwork is of a beach and cliff setting. In the ocean the white water is the loudest part of the sea – I want the viewer to imagine hearing the waves crash against the rocks.

Azura Byrnes

Every person has their own demons in their minds and no one can ever tell what the other person is thinking about or experiencing. The two rooms I have used portray the two different people.

Genevieve Morrow

‘Alone: a moment in time’ reflects how I see the world. We are trapped in our own sadness; it seems we may never escape. Left by everyone and everything only for us to be alone once more, in a moment in time. 

My soft, yet dark sad colours were influenced by the way I see the world, as well as Van Gogh’s very last paintings.


Tashi-Louise Laurie-Flint

I used my character Idris Alaxis to represent the harm of categorising people. Putting people in boxes is our natural tendency as humans – our brains are hardwired to categorise people. However, doing so reduces people to labels, limiting our ability to view them as anything else.  

Samantha Laing

Charcoal series of works.

Tasha Scholtz

My artwork was made to give people a sense of danger. Looking at this may frighten some people as they have a fear of snakes, but it allows them to see up close what snakes look like.

Years 7-9 Artworks

Click through the gallery to view a selection of artworks using painting, sketching and print mediums. Please click to enlarge images.

Year 9 

Year 8 

Year 7 

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Photographs of students and teachers were taken in accordance with COVID-19 regulations at the time.