Our Stories

The story of NBCS is the story of many voices.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary we have gathered stories from former and current students, parents and staff. Together their stories create a rich tapestry, bringing our history to life.

Their diverse experiences and perspectives are bound together by a common thread- the understanding that NBCS has always placed value on its people, striving to build a learning community marked by a love for God and each other.

Alex Lee, Former Student 2006 Graduate

Skender Cameron, Primary School Teacher

Max Hindman, Current Student

Mick Norsa, Assistant Principal Welfare

Jenny Phillips, Head of Secondary

Pastor Paul O’Sullivan, Founder and first Principal 

Aryan Ilkhani, Current Student

Imma Buono, Primary School Teacher

Tim Watson, Principal

Juliette Green, NBCS Parent

Drew Dickson, Assistant Principal Wellbeing

Bernard Ashby, Former Parent and Volunteer

Christian Webster, Current Student

Oliva Gilbert, Former Student 2013 Graduate 

Damien Whitington, Senior Chaplain

Meleesa Shultz, Former Student 1994-1999

Dan Hardwick, Former Student 1986-1998

Tim Kay, ​Former Student 2001-2003

Jann Ramage, Director of Teacher Quality

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