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As I mentioned last week, we would love to share with you the various ways our community can engage with the Christian faith. Chapel was one way. Another way has been to introduce Christian Studies to Years 7-10 weekly instead of fortnightly. We aim to teach our students how to think, not what to think in their quest to find meaning and truth. There are four words that summarise how we do this: understanding, critique, communication, and personal reflection.

Firstly, we seek to understand multiple perspectives. We cannot form a complete opinion without engaging with the strongest opposite opinions. ‘We cannot critique the movie until we have seen it.’

Secondly, having understood the subject matter and belief as much as one can, we critique it. We question it. If we do not, we may be fooled or arrive at a superficial understanding. We do not debate, we discuss.

Thirdly, we seek to communicate our ideas in an articulate, kind, and persuasive way. Knowing our thoughts and beliefs is one thing, but expressing them is an entirely different skill we would like to develop.

Lastly, we personally reflect. Every student has a journal. At the end of each lesson, students can quiet their mind and consolidate the deep truths they learned that lesson.

Our hope is that in doing this, students feel comfortable to journey, ask questions, and see the truth and beauty of the Christian faith as they form their own beliefs.

Damien Whitington​
Senior Chaplain