NBCS School Fees

Fee Schedule 2019

Annual fees are levied equally over the Terms 1-4 for Kindergarten to Year 11, and equally over Terms 1-3 for Year 12. Fees are due Friday of Week 1 each Term.

Fees include the majority of camps and non-elective sport activities. There may be additional cost to parents for activities such as particular camps, extra-curricular programs, excursions and elective subjects.

Parents are required to notify the School Office of any changes of name or address, and to ensure the School Office has a record of current contact information, including active telephone numbers and email addresses.


School fees must be paid by the due date on each invoice, including school tuition and other ancillary charges. If school fees are not paid within the period specified, administration fees will be charged, and the School has the right to suspend or terminate enrolment.

Repayment of the debt cannot be refused by reason of any allegation or complaint relating to the services provided by the School nor by reason of any set off or cross claim made against the School. The collection process for any outstanding fees may involve placing the matter into the hands of a Solicitor.

School Fees 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child 5th Child
Stage 1 (Kindy, Year 1 & 2) 8,890 7,520 6,130 2,640 1,090
Stage 2 (Years 3-4) 10,750 9,290 7,690 3,670 1,880
Stage 3 (Years 5-6) 11,550 10,050 8,310 3,980 2,050
Stage 4 (Years 7-8) 12,970 11,440 9,650 5,160 3,170
Stage 5 (Years 9-10) 13,750 12,190 10,310 5,610 3,520
Stage 6 (Years 11-12) 16,330 14,600 12,290    

You can download our current fee schedule here

How to pay

Payment of school fees can be made via BPAY (preferred option), Cheque or Money Order (payable to ‘Northern Beaches Christian School’), by telephone, Electronic Direct Transfer, or in person at the School Office.

Receipts are not issued unless requested, except where payment has been made in cash.

Cash: In person at the School Office

Cheque: Payable to ‘Northern Beaches Christian School’

Credit Card: Visa or Mastercard only

Electronic Transfer: Our bank account details are as follows:


Information Details
BSB: 062-205 (Commonwealth Bank)
Account number: 00783503
Account name: Northern Beaches Christian School
Description Child’s surname

Additional fees

Please note these additional fees related to Enrolment:

A $270 Application to Register Fee (non-refundable) is required prior to a student being placed on a waiting list.

A $200 Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) and a Bond of $1050 for each student is payable upon enrolment.

A non-refundable deposit toward the first term’s fees is required to secure Year 7 places, payable as requested.

Withdrawing a student

One full term’s notice in writing, is required for withdrawal of students from NBCS. In lieu of notice, one term’s fees will be payable.

If you have any further questions about our Fees you can contact our reception on (02) 9450 1311.

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