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“But let all who take refuge in you be glad…”

– Psalm 5:11

When times and events overwhelm us, it can be hard to regain our equilibrium. When we can’t do what we would love to do; when we can’t see those we’d love to see; keeping things in balance seems doubly difficult.

This week, I have found joy in the small things, good food shared with family, walking the dog in the sunshine, the smell of port wine magnolias coming into bloom in the backyard, reading good books, seeing completed Year 12 DT and Textiles works, seeing Year 12 students at school for vaccinations and being able to complete more works on campus while we can.

I know how much Primary staff, students, and families have appreciated the established patterns of their learning week. I have heard that Years 7-10 have appreciated having LS5 offscreen with work to complete in their own time. This is something that we will continue for Years 7-10 until the end of the term. I know that Year 12 are grateful to have finished their Substitute Trial Assessment Tasks and to have had a few days to catch their breath. I’m not sure that Year 11 are necessarily finding joy in their Yearly Exams, but I hope they find satisfaction if not joy in being able to complete their Preliminary HSC courses in the next two weeks.

I’m looking forward to the last two weeks of term. I’m looking forward to the term break. I’m looking forward to when vaccination rates mean lockdown can finish. I’m looking forward to the day that case numbers drop rather than rise. But until they do, until the term ends, and even when it does, I will keep looking for joy in the small things, in the benefits of routine, a cup of tea in the quiet of dawn, the shared humour of family, the opportunity to care for others, and the chance to meet virtually until we can meet in person.

Tim Watson