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HSC Design & Tech

HSC Works in Progress

HSC Design & Technology students have been using the design process to investigate and address needs with innovative solutions and approaches. They have also learned important life skills in the process.

“I have gained knowledge about construction techniques and tools…and most importantly I have gained experience as a student working with time management and individual responsibility.”

Ella Forrest

Develop a prototype robotic system with the ability to autonomously navigate through an unknown environment and rescue victims.

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Zac Thomasson

Use a slab of timber from my uncles’ farm, to build a product to improve and blend with the surrounding environment.

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Griffin Malone

Address the problem of how the drought and dry weather is affecting gardeners – a garden system for optimum function of gardens, using as little water as required.

Edward Gordon

Engage a wide community through a game that encourages and supports donations to global-warming related charities.

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James Pirrie

Solve the problem of walking in the rain at night-time and not being able to see where you are walking: UmbrelLED, an umbrella which lights up the path by lights at the end of each rib. 

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Tia Robertson

Design a line of jewellery and accessories for everyday life that uses aromatherapy to help students, workers and everyday people to reduce stress.

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Hugh MacKinnon

Design a portable, modular rock-climbing hang board that can be mounted with ease for the climber.

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Charles Jerram

Design a piece of jewellery that provides necessary medical information to first responders or general public in case of medical emergencies.


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