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Wellbeing and Pastoral Care


Providing a safe and supportive educational environment

Working together, we help students develop a growth mindset approach to any challenges they may face

Our caring, nurturing community at NBCS is founded on Christian hope and the belief that every student has God-given potential and worth.

We want to see our students not only succeed academically, but to thrive in all areas of their life, so they can live intentional, extraordinary lives.

All NBCS students are encouraged and empowered to thrive within a functional, positive community where relationships are key to learning outcomes. Fostering resilience, students gain insight into their responses and behaviour, as they persevere along the journey.

Within such a positive learning culture, we can take a more proactive approach to mental wellbeing, ensuring each student feels a sense of belonging and has the opportunity to grow in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Emotional Health platform is one way we provide support to our students and their families as they navigate through challenging times. This platform provides an easy way to seek help for themselves or others and offers other helpful resources and tools. This information is accessible below.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Strong relationships are the heart

A community’s strength is completely dependent on maintaining healthy relationships and providing guidance and support where reconciliation and repair are needed. This is a ‘whole community’ approach to relationships.

We walk alongside families to ensure both parents and students are getting the care and support they need to stay connected and thrive. Raising a child is a joint venture and we believe our role is in equipping parents with helpful tools and resources to raise resilient, motivated young people. We also hold regular events, such as our Empowering Girls and Empowering Boys evenings, offering great insight and wisdom for both parents and students.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Student Services - A network of support

The Wellbeing Team is responsible for overseeing the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Services to students include, counselling, mediation and conflict resolution, and training in relational resilience.

The NBCS Wellbeing Team is headed by an Assistant Principal and consists of Student Reception staff, two School Counsellors, School Chaplain and grade-based mentors.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Our School Chaplain, working with our Christian staff, has an important role in providing spiritual guidance, prayer and a hopeful Christian perspective for all students. The Chaplain creates various opportunities to encourage and engage students in discussions about faith, life, identity and purpose. Students explore who Jesus is, what the Bible has to say about humanity and the world, and key aspects of the Christian faith.

This includes weekly/fortnightly Big Questions sessions, regular seminars and events with guest speakers, fellowship and encouragement in our student Christian groups and the support of our Chaplaincy Student Team. Our School Chaplain is always available to students and their families, to provide support and a listening ear.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

No tolerance on bullying

Any matters relating to bullying, discrimination or violence are handled by the Wellbeing Team or Primary Executive. There is an Assistant Principal who has responsibility to ensure that procedural fairness is shown when handling complaints and investigations. NBCS will partner with families to bring about appropriate solutions.

Our policies and procedures take a strong stand on these issues, but are also built on the belief that every area of conflict is an opportunity to strengthen relationships and teach important life skills to young people. We provide expert conflict resolution and mediation support.


Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Mentor Groups

Our Mentor Group structure reinforces the foundation of pastoral care and relational approach. Each student is placed in a Mentor Group within their Year Group, which consists of approximately 15 students. The Mentor, who is the lead-teacher of the team, has the primary function of caring for the educational and pastoral needs of the students.

Our Wellbeing Team plays an important role in building a strong, vibrant and connected community at our school. If you would like to know more how our team can support you and your family, you can email

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