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“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfil the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

Society, communities, schools, systems, families, and individuals are a combination of rigid and flexible. The best example of this is the human body. Our skeleton is rigid and provides our structure and basic shape. Our musculature, joints, ligaments, and tendons flesh out our shape (literally) and help us to be flexible and responsive.

We need to be aware of the bits that can flex and the bits that can’t. When we know this and act upon it, systems and bodies work well. When the bits that are meant to be flexible become rigid, we get stuck. When we try to flex the rigid bits, things break.

This year we have needed to know how, when, and where to flex. This has always been true, but even more so now. I have a strong appreciation for how we have managed this at NBCS this year. I am comforted knowing that we will continue to do so.

Together, as we bear with each other, and carry each other’s burdens, we increase our capacity to be responsive and flexible. This helps us to protect each other, our community, and our school. I appreciate that we have remained committed to our vision, Love Learning, throughout the last term.

As we prepare to return to face-to-face learning, we recognise that we need to remain responsive to each other’s needs. As we face changing/relaxing regulations and requirements, we know that this will present us with challenges, but we know we can overcome them.

We remain committed to wellbeing in the same way as we are to learning. We remain committed to running the school in a way that enhances the safety of our community.

We are aware of students who have struggled academically during remote learning, as well as those who have struggled with wellbeing.

Remember that the return to school will take some adjusting to. One of the biggest adjustments will be for students moving from a lunchbox the size of a fridge (alright, it was the fridge) to one that needs to fit into a school bag. Help your child to enjoy the next week/two weeks of sleeping in and the actual five-step journey to school. They will miss this when they come back, but they will have time together and the buzz and hum of conversations and friendships, of real-life, in-person human interactions to look forward to.

Tim Watson