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Healthy community has key indicators, one of which is the way we treat others.

I am pleased to say that I have enjoyed seeing the way that students at NBCS care for others, in their learning, in their school and in their community.

I have spoken to our Secondary students about how younger students look up to them and follow their lead. We spoke about how this makes positive behaviour and interactions all the more important. I encourage all our students, not just our oldest, to consider what they say and how they say it. We all, as part of the school community, have a responsibility to bring the best out in others.

Every one of our students represents our whole community. Each student is the embodiment of all 1250. Because of this, people extrapolate from the one to the many. It is pleasing when members of the public take the time to contact the school to let us know how individuals have been a powerful and positive representative of others.

Tim Watson