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Education that sticks

As a school, we want our students to take their place in the wider world, to contribute, to enjoy what life has to offer and to enrich the lives of others.

Preparing and Adjusting

As we prepare to return to face-to-face learning, we recognise that we need to remain responsive to each other’s needs. Mr Watson talks about the challenges and changes that will come about with the return to school,..

Trust and Friendship

The term draws to a close and we are grateful for all that’s been achieved while lamenting what we missed. Principal Tim Watson talks about all that’s been achieved this term and looks forward to recovering loss of learning and relationship in Term 4.

Joy in the Small Things

When times and events overwhelm us, it can be hard to regain our equilibrium. When we can’t do what we would love to do; when we can’t see those we’d love to see; keeping things in balance seems doubly difficult.

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