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Self and Others

The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart – and through all human hearts. – Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Read NBCS Principal’s voice on ‘Self and Others’.

Trust: the engine of relationship, community, and society

Without trust, instead of being connected and robust, we become isolated, cut-off and fragile. Without trust, instead of magnifying each other’s strength, we diminish them, we each become lesser people and our collective capacity shrinks.

Clouds and Umbrellas

“Not every cloud has a silver lining, but you can always share my umbrella”. – Sarah Barnett.

What one has to do

“This week I was reminded that students will remember this time long after they have forgotten what they learned during it, so be prepared to play the long game.” Mr Watson, Principal of NBCS. Click to read the full article.

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