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Shouldering Responsibility

In lots of ways, society has atomised, and with it, the idea of responsibility. We need more people who are prepared to be solution-focused, irrespective of the cause of the problem. We are fortunate in seeing more and more students adopt this mindset and maturity in approach.

The Beauty of Momentum

Our job is to balance predictability and stability with variety to enable our students to self-regulate, to be well, and to love learning.

Rethinking Fear

Many people are walking around in a constant state of vigilance, their intuition misinformed about what poses danger. It needn’t be so. When we honour accurate intuitive signals and evaluate them without denial (believing that either a favourable or unfavourable outcome is possible), we need not be wary, for we can come to trust that we’ll understand if there is something worthy of our attention. Fear will gain credibility because it won’t be applied wastefully.

Listening and Learning

Together, we are wiser than we are apart, and together, our insights usually prove to be more valuable than the thoughts of one of us.

Welcome to 2021 at NBCS

Celebrating 40 Years – This year is a milestone in the life of our school. May 2021 be a year of learning and growth for all, and perhaps a little more predictable than 2020.

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