Senior Chaplain Encouragement

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It takes effort to make peace

Over the past week we have celebrated Reconciliation Week. As Paul says, it takes effort to make peace. Reconciliation doesn’t just happen by itself. This is true of our personal relationships, and it’s true of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

How should we respond to COVID-19 and where is God in all this?

NBCS Senior Chaplain, Damien Whitington provides helpful and hopeful encouragement. More videos from Damien Whitington as the Scruffy Chaplain: How could a good God allow suffering? What do we do when God’s timing seems off and it looks...

Christian Studies Lessons

Why do we take time to understand multiple perspectives, critique, communicate and personally reflect?

Finding meaning

​Over the coming weeks we would love to share with you the various ways our community can engage with the Christian faith. We look forward to journeying with the students as we pause and go deeper to find meaning together.

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