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Why aren’t some people joyful? Or what do we do if we’re a little down in the joy department? This is Part One of a series that hopefully helps us to experience more joy, no matter what season we’re in. To do this, we’re going to draw from the wisdom of man at the end of his life. We find this man in a book of the Bible called Ecclesiastes. Yes, this is an awkward title. This man was King and a teacher, and he had everything. Everything.

We are one body with many parts

As we set out to do Term 3 together, let us remember – we all contribute something. We contribute something to our school, our homes, our nation, our world, and God’s kingdom. God values us when he trusts us to contribute. So let’s make sure those contributions are good ones, because we’re all in this together.

We’ve all got something

One may wrestle with selfishness and another may battle with tearing people down with their words. One may battle with anger whilst another may wrestle with jealousy. The list goes on. We’ve all got something.

The Cost of Discipleship

Dietrich Bonhoeffer knew the cost of discipleship. These words are strong and convicting but perhaps food for thought as we engage with the world around us.
‘You have only one master now…But with this ‘yes’ to God belongs just as clear a ‘no.’ Your ‘yes’ to God requires your ‘no’ to all injustice, to all evil, to all lies, all oppression and violation of the weak and poor, to all ungodliness, and to all mockery of what is holy.’

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