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Science Extension Research Projects

Science Extension is a 1 Unit HSC course with a focus on the authentic application of scientific research skills. Students propose and develop a research question, formulate a hypothesis, gather datasets and develop evidence-based responses which culminate into a Scientific Research Report. Their final Scientific Research Report replicates the format of a typical scientific journal article. The Science Extension students also get to attend their very own conference at Macquarie University, called [EX]plore Science Extension Conference.

As part of the Conference students present their Science Extension research as a poster which summarises their key findings. Our student posters for 2023 are displayed below.

Isadora Ferreira

Unravelling the molecular landscape of Alzheimer’s Disease

Bella Good

Exploring the ecological dynamics of mangrove ecosystems at Bobbin Head National Park

Sienna Mann

Celery Science: Apium graveolens Unleashing Osmotic Potential

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Photographs of students and teachers were taken in accordance with COVID-19 regulations at the time.