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12 benefits of a Christian school education

May 1, 2024

There are many benefits to attending a Christian school. Here we explore some of them, noting that not all of them are exclusive to Christian schools, and that most schools seek to do many of these things, albeit from a different perspective or for a different reason.

A nurturing environment

One of the things that sets us apart at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) is our genuinely caring and nurturing community. Underpinned by the idea of a God who knows and loves us, students begin to understand their profound sense of worth and purpose. Motivated by God’s love, we seek to nurture and develop young people who will make a difference for good.

A strong sense of community

A sense of belonging and connection helps foster wellbeing and motivates students to engage with learning. This then builds confidence and hope and serves as a foundation from which students can build to thrive and grow in the world beyond school.

School culture based on Christian values

At NBCS our values of Gratitude, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Commitment permeate our school culture and are an active and real part of everything we do – teaching and learning, play, wellbeing, school management, and personal interactions. Our ability to achieve Excellence in Education is strengthened by the way we seek to live out Christianity in Action.

Learning about the Christian faith

At the heart of schooling is the vision to provide rich learning that fulfils and expands the curriculum and encourages students to develop a love of learning. Learning is the heart of schooling. As part of learning, we teach students about Jesus, the Christian faith, the Bible and how it relates to us today. We encourage students to think through life’s big questions.

Partnering with Christian families

Christian families at our school choose NBCS to actively partner with them in their children’s growth, understanding and love for God. Together we teach the message of God’s love and grace, building upon what they learn at home and at church. Being part of NBCS means children can grow in their faith and develop their Christian worldview while learning about other perspectives.

A chance to explore faith

At NBCS our diverse community of Christian and non-Christian families is enriched by the presence of diverse beliefs, providing a place for all. For all of our students, being part of a Christian school provides a supportive and encouraging opportunity to explore and question what faith means. We recognise and respect that everyone, student, parent and staff member is on a faith journey, and we strive to support people where they are in their journey.

Understand a Biblical worldview

By the time a student leaves NBCS, our aim is that they understand the Christian message of dignity, truth, grace, forgiveness, and hope. We believe Jesus’ life, death and resurrection underpin these ideas, and we celebrate that we can be reconciled to Him.

Character development

Character is who we are when no one is looking. It is the essence of ourselves. At NBCS we support families as we work daily with students in developing character in line with our values of Gratitude, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Commitment.

Faith experiences in daily school life

In Primary at NBCS, Christian life is incorporated into students’ daily lives, in weekly Chapel and other regular times we come together to explore and express faith as a community. In Secondary, students take part in Christian Studies classes to develop an understanding of the Christian message and life. Fortnightly Chapel is an opportunity to pause and go deeper in exploring meaning.

Christian staff who genuinely care

Exceptional teachers make exceptional schools. Our staff are talented teachers and committed Christians. Our staff are vital in the pursuit of our Mission and Vision, upholding our values of Gratitude, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Commitment. Our staff work hard to build strong, collaborative relationships with the students in their care and to bring the best out in them.

A focus on Christian and community service

Giving back to our community is part of the heartbeat of a Christian school. We want our students to be generous, servant-hearted and compassionate, so they can go out into the world and make a contribution that makes a difference to the lives of others.

Gain a hope for the future

As a Christian school, as well as providing a strong education, we believe the Christian faith has much to offer in our search for meaning. Our Christian community provides students and families with a sense of belonging, worth and purpose, and true hope for their future.


Q: What are the benefits of an education at Northern Beaches Christian School?

The benefits of sending your child to NBCS include a nurturing environment, a strong sense of community, a school culture based on Christian values, a staff who genuinely care, and a chance to explore faith and understand a Christian worldview.

Q: What is the importance of a Christian school?

Christian schools offer an education based on Christian values, with faith experiences in daily school life and a focus on service and character.

Q: Why do I want my child educated at a Christian school?

Christian families may want to choose a school which will partner with them as they grow their children’s understanding and love for God and build on what they learn at home and at church. Being part of a Christian school means children can grow in their faith, developing their Christian worldview, while learning about and interacting with other perspectives. For families who might not identify as being Christian, being part of a Christian school offers a nurturing community, great values and character development, and the chance to explore and question what faith means.

Q: Why choose Christian education?

A Christian education aims to develop a culture that brings out the best in our students – in their learning, in their character, in the opportunities they take, the friendships they make and in understanding the message of the God who loves them. A Christian community supports and encourages learning, growth, wellbeing, connection, belonging and community.