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The Power of Quiet Success

Apr 5, 2024

I read an article earlier this week by Steve Knox where he discusses “The Power of Quiet Success”.

Steve suggests that in today’s world, where celebrity and social media reign supreme, there’s an old saying that’s often overlooked: “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” These are Jesus’ words, found in Matthew 6:3.

He goes on to say that in our society there’s a lot of pressure to show off our achievements to everyone. We’re told to share every accomplishment and broadcast every single event and milestone as if our lives are a movie on display for the entertainment of others.

The part I like is when he proposes that real success is found in the hidden moments when nobody’s watching. This might include:

  • Quietly succeeding
  • Silently doing our best
  • Working hard day in and day out

There are many times in life when it is great to share what we are doing with others (I love hearing the stories of others).

There are also times when we as a school want to be able to celebrate what students or staff have done. That is part of being involved in a thriving community. However, what I love to see is what students and staff do when there is:

  • No fanfare
  • No one cheering you on
  • No limelight

I value both the NBCS staff that continue to go above and beyond each day, and our wonderful students who are motivated and hard-working, embracing the power of quiet success.

Drew Dickson
NBCS Head of Secondary