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A more helpful focus

Comparing ourselves to others is often not helpful. Sometimes our comparisons are about genetic things, like being taller, and sometimes about things others can do that we wish we could. Sometimes our comparisons are motivating, sometimes damaging.

Generosity of Spirit

It is wise to attribute best motive to others and to model this for those around us. How many unnecessary difficulties might we be able to avoid by this simple practice?

On Leadership

There are three key approaches to leadership – example, persuasion and compulsion. And the best leaders use mainly the first two – example and persuasion. That is my encouragement to our leaders.

Beyond knowledge to deep learning

As we embark on a new chapter at NBCS, we have been reflecting on learning, and what, in the end, it entails. Student learning operates on a number of levels as they learn content, skills, attributes and character.

People and purpose

People are wonderful. They can, nonetheless, from time to time vex us. This is true of family members and friends. It is as true for students as for teachers. It is as true for children as for parents.

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