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Reading for success

We look forward to developing in our students the love of reading that has lifelong benefits. This, among other reasons, has been the logic behind the reintroduction of Drop Everything and Read across years 7-10, and the continuation of key reading programs for students in the Primary years.

Principles that guide and inspire

We live in uncertain educational times, with many unknowns. But we are built on two wonderful foundations – the enlightening foundation of education, and the empowering foundation of faith.

Peaceful parenting

I subscribe to a blog called Farnam Street. It is run by a Canadian former intelligence officer, Shane Parrish. He seeks to collect tried and tested ideas that lead to meaningful understanding.

A place to belong, grow and flourish

It is easy to be acutely aware of the faults of others and at the same time, entirely blind to our own. A gift from a colleague, I am really enjoying Baillie’s book, and the opportunity to stop and pray, reminded of God’s character and my ongoing need for grace and growth.

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