We have a full year organised for 2021, across all spheres of school life, with plans for on and off campus activities and learning. We are conscious that some of these plans will need to be altered, something which we became reasonably adept at in 2020. We will continue to follow government and health advice in developing and implementing our programs across 2021.

Some key points from the most recent correspondence to schools from the Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant.

It is essential that schools:

Continue to exclude students and staff with even mild symptoms of COVID-19 and encourage them to seek testing immediately. Parents of symptomatic children should provide evidence of a negative result prior to returning to school.

Have COVID-19 Safety Plans and record keeping procedures for school events.

Promote physical distancing for staff and adults within the school, at school events and at drop off/pick up.

Follow specific public health advice.

That advice included that students over the age of 12 and staff must wear a mask when travelling to and from school (and during school excursions) by public transport or by chartered/private transport services. There is no requirement to wear face masks at school, but staff and students may do so if they wish.

Further advice regarding visitors, including parents, notes that non-essential adults will not be permitted on school grounds or at school events. However, parents and carers will be able to enter the school for specific activities such as dropping off students (especially in Kindergarten and Year 7), or to attend an appointment for a meeting with school staff, or to volunteer in the canteen or essential classroom activities.