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Jul 27, 2022

At the heart of schooling is the vision to provide rich learning, that not only meets the curriculum but encourages students to develop a love of learning. As a Christian school learning is at the core of the NBCS community. As part of this, we encourage our students to explore faith and life’s big questions. Just as it was when NBCS started over 40 years ago, the word ‘Christian’ continues to be important. This is reflected in how we live and share the beauty of faith in Jesus.

Nurturing environment

We believe that what sets us apart as a Christian school is a genuinely caring and nurturing community that imparts a profound sense of worth and purpose to our students. Our Christian values of Gratitude, Respect, Courage and Compassion, permeate our school culture and are an active and real part of everything we do – teaching and learning, play, wellbeing, school management, and personal interactions.

Motivated by God’s love, we are intentional about nurturing and growing young people who will make a positive impact on society as its future leaders. We believe that a sense of belonging and connection helps foster wellbeing and motivates students to engage with learning. This builds confidence and hope, and ensures our students are prepared to thrive and adapt in the world outside of school.

Why choose a Christian school?

Partnering with Christian families

We are a diverse community of Christian and non-Christian families, enriching our community and providing a place for all.

For our Christian families, being a Christian school means we can actively partner with them as they seek to grow their children’s understanding and love for God. Together we are teaching their children the message of God’s love and forgiveness, building upon what they have learnt at home and at church. For these families, being part of a Christian school means children can grow in their faith, developing their Christian worldview, while learning about other perspectives.

Why choose a Christian school?

A chance to explore faith

For our families that might not identify as being Christian, being part of a Christian school offers their children a supportive and encouraging foundation to explore and question what faith means. They may not have had any experience of the Bible or of church, so this is an opportunity to explore in a safe, non-judgemental way. We recognise and respect that every child, parent and staff member is on a faith journey, and we strive to support our community where they are. It is our hope that we can walk alongside everyone on this, sometimes, tumultuous road.

Faith in daily school life

Our ability to achieve Excellence in Education as a Christian school is strengthened by the integrity that comes from clearly articulated Christian values in day-to-day practice. We place great importance on building collaborative relationships with students and their support networks.

For our Primary school, Christian life is very much incorporated into their everyday lives, including fortnightly Chapel and other regular times that we come together to explore and express faith and discover what Christianity in Action means for us as a Primary community.

Similarly, Christian life also permeates our Secondary school. Students attend Christian Studies classes to develop an understanding of what Christians believe and will also attend fortnightly Chapel, which is an opportunity to pause and go a little deeper in understanding the Christian faith.

Why choose a Christian school?

Christianity in Action

Giving back to our community is part of the heartbeat of a Christian school. Over the course of our history, we have always partnered with community and charitable organisations, raising funds, volunteering our time and growing in our understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable communities. We want to grow our student’s character to be generous, servant-hearted and compassionate so that they can go out into the world and make a contribution for good.

Why choose a Christian school?

A hope for the future

As a Christian school, as well as providing a strong education, we believe the Christian faith has much to offer in our search for meaning. Our Christian community provides students and their families, with an important sense of belonging, worth and purpose, giving them a sense of true hope for their future.

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