Celebrating Together

Celebrating together

Our 40-year anniversary provides many opportunities for our community to remember and honour our Founders, reflecting on our rich history and together, looking ahead to the next 40 years.

There are many ways we invite our community to get involved in the celebrations:

40th Celebration Events
Share your NBCS Story
NBCS Alumni

Miwatj Health man in office
Miwatj Health man in office

40th Celebration Events

We warmly invite all our past and present students, staff and parents to join us in our 40th Anniversary Celebratory Events.

As we continue to adhere to NSW Government COVID-19 guidelines, we will keep this page updated on any changes to upcoming events

Share your NBCS story

Want to share your NBCS story? We would love for you to get in touch to hear about your journey at NBCS.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch.

Miwatj Health man in office
Miwatj Health man in office


Beyond our 40 year anniversary celebrations, we want to continue to connect with our Alumni. To find out more, please visit our Alumni page here or follow our Alumni Facebook group here.

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